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Powerful, Inspiring Clothing for Powerful, Inspiring People.


The Relentless Determination Project showcases stories about overcoming struggle, facing adversity and doing the right thing especially when it's the hard thing. We are compiling stories from people of all ages and backgrounds, from all walks of life to share uplifting stories of hope, courage and success through our social media, videos, podcast, books and merchandise. 

Relentless Determination isn't actually a clothing line. Yes we have merch but the branded clothing is just a decoy to bring people together and share their stories of triumphs, achievements and being good to each other. 

It all started with a flood. Where I saw a community come together using their own money, skills and resources to help their neighbors in need. (see the full story in our blog) This made me take a step back from posing thirst traps and viral gimmicks and start posting the power of he human spirit. Our goal is to share motivation, inspiration and real people putting in real work every day. No artificial intelligence. No deep fakes. Just real people, being really awesome.

Let's Work Together


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