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It Started With A FLOOD!

Our brand is designed to showcase the powerful and inspiring people who make the world a better place. All of our clothing is reflective because we want to shine a light, both literally and figuratively on the people who wear it! Although we look like a clothing brand, it's not the clothing that is important. It's the people who wear them. See our reflective apparel and accessories as a bookmark that leads you to the stories that will inspire your mind, tug on your heartstrings and refuel your soul. We're searching the globe to showcase people who inspire, people who have gone above and beyond, and people who make a difference.

This idea started in winter of 2021when the Sumas Prairie in British Columbia, Canada suffered catastrophic flooding. We were so inspired by the men, women and children in this community who pooled their resources and their skills to save each other's families, homes, farms, vehicles and animals. "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." That statement shone through everyday as the local heroes who make up this small community went to great lengths, without question, to help their neighbors. From rescue missions to get disabled children out of flooded homes, restoring submerged vehicles and rehoming livestock, to rebuilding barns, and rebuilding livelihoods from scratch, each story of the power of the human spirit, the strength of community and the fearlessness of the people who went to great lengths to do what was right, made us stop and ponder why the new wasn't making this front page news. That's where the idea to shine a light on these life changing people and their stories was born. We sent a limited edition, custom line of "SUMAS STRONG" sweatshirts to the men, women and children whose stories of courage and determination to rescue those in need, touched our hearts. Our goal is to bring these stories of perseverance, overcoming obsticals and fighting for the greater good to the spotlight! The media is laden with tragedy and sadness. Our goal is to create a space to celebrate triumph, success and the unstoppable power of the human spirit.

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